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kids_bannerВелотуризм – это уникальный вид отдыха! Велотуры - полезны для здоровья! Вы можете значительно укрепить ваше здоровье, особенно если вы ведете мало подвижный образ жизни. Велотуры - доступны для всех! От вас не требуется большой физической подготовки, главное правильно выбрать велотур. Велотуры - для каждого! Если вы готовы к нагрузкам, то можете выбрать и сложный велосипедный маршрут. Велотуры - безопасны! Все велосипедные маршруты продуманы с точки зрения безопасности на дороге. Велотуры - уникальны! Это единственный вид отдыха, который по-иному раскроет для вас страну или регион, где вы путешествуете. Велотуры - доступны! Есть маршруты доступные для семей, молодежи, групп, пожилым людям! Мы предлагаем Вам покататься на велосипеде по Европе, России, Скандинавии

Тур/фирма Топ Спорт Трэвел основана в 1996 году!

Все эти годы мы делаем все, чтобы Ваш отдых получился интересным, безопасным и запоминающимся!  

 Звоните нам по (812) 740 12 10 (5 линий)

Trans Siberian Trip

Trans Siberian Trip


1 day

Arrival. Transfer to Izmaylovo hotel 4*. Check-in. 

2 day
Breakfast at Izmaylovo hotel. The guide will pick you up with a sign at 10:00 at your hotel Izmaylovo. You’ll have a 3h. guided tour in Moscow. Sightseeing.
The route: Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Peter the Great Statue, The House on the Embankment, Novodevichy Convent, Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills, Poklonnaya Hill, Triumphal arch, Kutuzovsky Avenue, New Arbat Avenue, Boulevard Ring, Manezhnaya Square, Theatre Square, Tverskaya Street, Pushkinskaya Square.
Free time.

3 day
Breakfast at Izmaylovo hotel.
Check out. The driver will pick you up with a sign at 11:00 and will drive you to the Kremlin. Here near the Kutafjya Tower our guide will be waiting for you with a sign.
You’ll have a tour to the Kremlin and the Churches (one of the most popular programs).
15:40 – Return transfer from the Kremlin to the railway station. 17:38 - Train to Kazan.

4 day
06:00 – Arrival to Kazan. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.
10:00 – 13:30 Guided tour. 
The route: Territory of the Old-Tatar settlement, K. Marx str., M. Gorky str., A. Pushkin str. Cloth settlement (18th century), the puppet theater and the traditional Tatar village. Viewing point, from where you can see the stadium "Kazan Arena", which hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of world student games - Universiade 2013, as well as the Palace of Water Sports, the Palace of Combats "Ak Bars" (“white leopard"), the hockey stadium "Tatneft Arena". Visit to the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, built in honor of the celebration of the anniversary of Emperor Peter I. Visit to the Kazan Bogoroditsky Monastery. Walking tour of the Old-Tatar Sloboda and getting knowing with the culture, way of life and cuisine of the Kazan Tatars. Visit the oldest mosque in Al-Mardzhani.
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch at the cafe in the Old-Tatar settlement.
14:30 – 15:30 Master-class of national cuisine and visiting the Chak-chak museum.
Tatar masters are ready to reveal the secrets of preparing the national sweets "chak-chak". A master class, after which you can taste the cooked a dish for a cup of fragrant Tatar tea!
15:30 – 17:30 Walking tour around the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. Kazan Kremlin - Tatar white-stone fortress, the most northern point of spread of Islamic culture in the world. Objects of the Kremlin are included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here is located the main mosque of Kul Sharif, one of the largest mosques in Russia, the central cathedral Republic of Tatarstan, which was created by the architects of the main cathedral of Moscow in the XVI century, the famous falling tower Syuyumbike, included in the 10-th most famous falling towers of the world, the oldest tombs of the Khans and the residence of the President of Tatarstan.
17:30 - 18:30 Walking tour: the famous metropolitan embankment, Merchant Kazan of the XVIII century, Russian dramatic Theater, the carriage of Catherine II - the memory of her stay in Kazan.
18:30 Transfer to the hotel.

5 day
Check-out. Free time in Kazan.
20:08 - Train to Yekaterinburg.

6 day

10:22 – Arrival to Yekaterinburg. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.
13:00 – 17:00 Guided tour. The famous dam of the 18th century, the bizarre mansion of the merchant Sevastyanov, the famous Temple on the Blood, the mysterious manor of Rastorguev-Kharitonov, the romantic Literary Quarter - here is not a complete list of the unique corners of Ekaterinburg. You will know how the city dam was made and what is in the center of the World.
The excursion ends with a visit to the viewing platform of the skyscraper "Vysotsky". In any weather here you can look at the city in the height of a bird's flight.

7 day 
Check-out. Free time in Yekaterinburg.
16:57 - Train to Novosibirsk.

8 day
14:06 - Arrival to Novosibirsk. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.
Free time in Novosibirsk.

9 day 

11:00 – 15:00
Check out (You can leave the luggage at the hotel)
Excursion to Akademgorodok with visit of the building of the NSU, House of Scientists of the SB RAS, visit of the cottages of academicians, a monument to MA Lavrentiev, research institutes, a laboratory mouse monument, a technopark building.

The Ob Sea. Dam power plant. Church in the name of the Archangel Michael.

Passage along the new Bugrinsky bridge across the Ob with the largest in Russia and the CIS arched passage. The highest place in Novosibirsk is the Kamyshen plateau. Monument of Glory: Eternal Flame, Square of Celebrations. Monument to Alexander Pokryshkin.

Architectural ensemble Sq. Lenin: the Opera and Ballet Theater, Pervomaisky Square, the center of the Russian Empire, the building of the city trade building, the Bulgarian House, the Siberian Compound. The building of a commercial meeting. Ascension Cathedral, Narym Square, Pyotr and Fevronia Pyatyonnik, House of Officers. Place of foundation of Novosibirsk, a monument to Alexander III, embankment of the Ob River, the longest metro bridge. The first stone building of Novonikolaevsk, the Real School of the Romanov House, the house of the merchant Mashtakov, the building "Batman".
Free time in Novosibirsk.
23:56 - Train to Irkutsk.

10 day  
Night in the train.

11 day 
06:41 - Arrival to Irkutsk. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Free time in Irkutsk.

12 day 

Lake Baikal

13 day

14 day  

15 day
09:20 - Train to Ulan-Ude.
17:10 - Arrival to Ulan-Ude. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Free time in Ulan-Ude.

16 day 
10:00 – Guided tour. The Historical Museum of Buryatia (exhibitions "Ulan-Ude in the centuries" and "Treasures" Buddhist teachings ")

12. 00 - departure to the Ivolginsky datsan. (distance of 40 km). A guided tour. Hunnish ancient settlement. Culture tiled tombs cavescourts.

13.00 - excursion to the Ivolginsky datsanu. Lunch.

15.00 - return to the city of Ulan-Ude

16.00 - the beginning of a sightseeing tour - the Square of Soviets. Lenin monument

Theatre square. Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The Arc de Triomphe - "The Royal Gates" Ulgar's puppet theater. Sculpture near the building of Sberbank "Verkhneudinsk merchant Evsey Lukich. " The coat of arms of Verkhneudinsk: the rod of the God of trade is Mercury. Little Arbat Merchant Verkhneudinsk, Kapelman's house. Monument to Chekhov. Sculpture - an allegorical image of the two rivers Uda and SelengaLiving rooms, Objects of wooden architecture. The place of foundation of the city of Ulan-UdeOdigitrievsky Cathedral (without visiting), the viewing point of the city. 

18:00 – The end of the guided tour.

17 day 
12:03 - Train to Vladivostok.

18 day 

Night in the train.

19 day 

Night in the train.

20 day 
07:37 - Arrival to Vladivostok. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.
13: 00- 15:00 - City tour: Walking tour - a unique quarter Millionka. The only one Chinese quarter preserved in Russia will reveal its secrets, as well as tell the story of the foundation of Vladivostok.

15:00 - 18:30 - In the afternoon, an automobile excursion to Russky Island with a visit to the Voroshilov battery and Fr. Russian.

20:00 - 21:30 – Marine excursion "Lighthouses of Vladivostok" - a passage through the Sea Gate of the city, acquaintance with the island of the lighthouse. Return to the hotel.

21 day 
Free time in Vladivostok.

22 day 
Flight to Moscow.