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kids_bannerВелотуризм – это уникальный вид отдыха! Велотуры - полезны для здоровья! Вы можете значительно укрепить ваше здоровье, особенно если вы ведете мало подвижный образ жизни. Велотуры - доступны для всех! От вас не требуется большой физической подготовки, главное правильно выбрать велотур. Велотуры - для каждого! Если вы готовы к нагрузкам, то можете выбрать и сложный велосипедный маршрут. Велотуры - безопасны! Все велосипедные маршруты продуманы с точки зрения безопасности на дороге. Велотуры - уникальны! Это единственный вид отдыха, который по-иному раскроет для вас страну или регион, где вы путешествуете. Велотуры - доступны! Есть маршруты доступные для семей, молодежи, групп, пожилым людям! Мы предлагаем Вам покататься на велосипеде по Европе, России, Скандинавии

Тур/фирма Топ Спорт Трэвел основана в 1996 году!

Все эти годы мы делаем все, чтобы Ваш отдых получился интересным, безопасным и запоминающимся!  

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The «Schneegaudi» snow party
8 April 2007: 9th Great Easter Party «Schneegaudi"
The biggest party of the year, surrounded by the mighty Saas mountains. Get high on 2400 meters above sea level!

4rd chain of lights in the glaciers village
Saas-Fee Tourism will organise the 4th chain of lights in the glacier village before Christmas.

The candles will be lit again on December 23rd at 8.00 p.m. on the main streets of the glacier village. Come and have a look at this great event by the church. Enjoy a nice mulled wine next to the chain of lights and support our collection campaign.

Help us and…
bring a candle and your donation to the tourist office Saas-Fee until the 20th of December. The more candels, the longer the chain of lights….!!!

Advent calender
The Advent calender in Saas-Fee and every day in December is as good as Christmas day itself! During Advent, Saas-Fee will present you with different surprises.

Each day a different company of Saas-Fee offers you something special:  price reductions, fantastic offers, special dishes and much more! But wait! — that's not all: We raffle great prizes — Christmas is nearly upon us and maybe you can come away with not just saving money, but also winning something!

The Allalin open downhill races
Ski-Snowboard & Bike Downhill: The Mittelallalin open downhill races are the highest races on a glacier in the world. Participants from all over Europe compete in various disciplines.

13. April 2007:
Ski & Snowboard: Allalin She & He Race, Allalin Team Race, Allalin Fun-Team Race

14. April 2007:
Ski & Snowboard: Allalin Race Women & Men

15. April 2007:
3rd Allalin Glacier Bike Downhill

The open downhill races are held in the area between the Mittelallalin (3600 m) and Saas-Fee (1800 m).

Classical concerts in the church
Saas-Fee Tourism organizes regularly classical concerts in the church of Saas-Fee. Enjoy one of these unforgettable evenings.

16.12.2006: Christmas concert MG Alpenr?sli                    and Kirchenchor Saas-Fee
27.12.2006: Christmas concert MG Alpenr?sli                    and Kirchenchor Saas-Fee
03.01.2007: Ural Kosaken Chor
09.01.2007: Pressburger Kammerphilharmonie
23.01.2007: Trompete & Orgel
09.02.2007: Panfl?tenkonzert
13.02.2007: Ensemble Instrumental
27.02.2007: «The most beautiful melodies of the world"
07.03.2007: Heidelberger Kammerorchester
13.03.2007: Baikal Kosaken
20.03.2007: Kammerensemble Cologne
03.04.2007: Gospel concert

The FIS Snowboard World Cup

The FIS Snowboard World Cup will be held from 23th to 25th November 2006 in Saas-Fee. In case of bad weather, the World Cup will be hold on the 26th November. You can expect to see exciting competitions on the glacier above Saas-Fee, the Pearl of the Alps.


Program FIS Snowboard World Cup

19. November Arrival Teams
20. November Official Trainig
21. November Official Trainig
22. November Qualification Men
23. November Qualification Women
Final Men & Women
24. November Qualification Men
25. November Qualification Women
Final Men & Women

The Europacup in the discipline Snowboard-Halfpipe takes place on 16.-17. November in the glacier village Saas Fee.

15. November, 09.00-13.30: Free Training
16. November, 08.30-09.30: Official Training, 
09.30: Qualification Men and Women
17. November, 09.00-09.45: Official Training, 
10.00: Finals


The North Face Ice Climbing World Championship
Saas-Fee has already been in the calendar of the North Face Ice Climbing World Championship six times. Next winter, Saas-Fee will host the The North Face Ice Climbing World Championship again in the glacier village. The 30-metre-high wall of ice is in the covered car-park. Spectators will witness this spectacle in a unique atmosphere from 1st until 3rd February 2007.

Spectators can closely watch the best ice-climbers in the world at various levels from the spiral access ramp of the car-park. After each day of competition a big party is held in the arena.

Season Opening
The Swiss Snowboardbox starts its next snowboardseason at the 6th of octobre in Saas-Fee: «Test the Best». For 7 weeks the riders can test the newest tools of the 13 leading companies. The big Opening takes place the 6th to the 8th octobre 2006 and promissed great parties as in the old times.

20 Top-Riders are invited to come to Saas-Fee — names as Ueli Kerstenholz, Jonas Emery, Cedric Schuhmacher, Lisa Beck, Rolf Feldmann a.m.m.! Together with the Pros you can test the boards in our snowpark.
All participants will get a reduction up to 30% on the test-tickets and the daily lifttickets. Thanks to the main sponsor SKAI Chewing Gums!

Also there are: Apr?s-Ski, Ridersmeeting, some more small competitions (due to the weather conditions) and on saturday evening you can see the movie «More», the newest clip of Patrick «Brusti» Armbruster, at the village place. Friday- and Saturday evening the famous parties will take place in the Popcorn bar, with Top-DJs. Already you can find some action right here: «The skaigame» is waiting for you. There are great prices for the best virtual riders


Snowpark Tour 007
For the first time the final of the Snowpark Tour will be held in Switzerland.

During the biggest Snowboard and Freeski Rookie-Tour around Europe, the participants have the chance to get the qualification for the final that will take place in Saas-Fee between March 17th — 18th 2007.

Style Session
24-25 March 2007, the Style Session takes place in Saas-Fee. Snowboarders and freeskiers will test themselves in the halfpipe and slope style

Already for the fourth time, the Style Session will rock Saas-Fee. Freeskiers and snowboarders are called upon to show their best tricks in the top shaped Snowpark Morenia. The event will be organized by snowboarders, namely the RideNow Crew, with the motto «Back to the Spirit of Freestyle». The halfpipe competition will be held on Saturday in the Snowpark Morenia. This competition is a part of the Ski/Snowboard Valais «Walliser Tour». Professional judges will evaluate the riders.
The ?Slope Style? will take place on Sunday. According to tradition, there will be a rider vote, whereupon the most impressive rider with the fattest style will also win the most attractive prizes, which are sponsored by Nitro Snowboards.

Ticket to Ride
From the 20. to the 22. April 2007 the last event of the famous «Ticket to Ride World Snowboard Tour» takes place in Saas Fee. A must for every boarder!

From the rookie to the pro, everybody can use its last chance for an improvement on his results. The rider supplies at least four results per season. If there are any more, the four best results are rated.

On the 21th April 2007 the spectacular discipline «Slopestyle» takes place in the course of  the TTR in the snowpark at Morenia. Furthermore on the 22th April 2007 the riders can compete with each other at the Popcorn Wallride by the Popcorn Plaza!


Wallride Session
The third Popcorn Wallride Session, which will close the season at 2870 m above sea-level, will be held on Saturday 21th April 07. There have been only a few wallride contests in Switzerland. At 8 metres in height, this will for sure be the highest wall that has ever been erected for a wallride competition in Switzerland.

What is a wallride?
As the word implies, tricks are performed on an man-made wall. An 8-metre-high and approx. 10-metre-wide wall is set up almost vertically in the snow with the aid of scaffolding and construction boards. The wall is ridden in a similar way to a quarter-pipe. However, contrary to a wall of snow, the top edge as well as the middle section of this wooden wall can be used for sliding, making it possible to perform tricks which would be impossible to perform on a wall made just of snow. The wallride session is open to all skiers and snowboarders who dare to attempt tricks on the wall.